Durk's Daughter Wants To Collab With GloRilla​​ According to Durk, his daughter wants to jump on a track with her dad and his most recent

Lil Durk and GloRilla's friendship goes much further than just making music together, as the pair recently stated that it's a family affair.

Durk praised Glo for FaceTiming with his daughter during an Instagram Live on Saturday (March 18), who then shared the nicest details of their frequent chats.

“She be texting me all the time! She be like, ‘Hey, what you doing?'” GloRilla said with a big smile.

“She be telling me!” Durk replied. “She be like, ‘Can I text [GloRilla]?’”

“Yeah she be texting me,” Glo said. “I gotta send her my new number. ‘Cause I text her back and be like, ‘Hey girl!’”

“Yeah, she showed me,” Durk said. “She be geeked. You know I appreciate that.”

GloRilla went on to say that Durk's daughter had even wanted to cooperate!

“Fa sho! She said when I was talking to her, ‘My dad said I can do a song with y’all.’” Glo told Durk, who replied, “Yeah she called me yesterday talking about, ‘Come on!’ I said, ‘You gotta come out here first!”

The discussion comes just days after Glo collaborated with Durk on the deluxe edition of her Anyhow, Life's Great EP.

On Wednesday (March 15), Big Glo released a fresh version of the project, which contains the highlight track "Ex's (PHATNALL Remix)" with Durkio.

“I just started back making love songs again I NDA em’ now/ I ain’t too rich to fuck my old hoes I make em pay me now/ Do you whisper in my ear, ‘I want GloRilla right now,‘” Lil Durk raps.
The deluxe edition of Anyhow, Life's Great sets the scene for GloRilla to release her highly anticipated first album with CMG later this year. She was also named Apple Music's newest Up Next artist for March.