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NBA YoungBoy and Lil Durk’s Baby Mother India Royale Trades Shots On Twitter

NBA YoungBoy and Lil Durk's dispute has erupted into a conflict with the latter's ex-girlfriend India Royale.

On Monday (March 13), the Baton Rouge rapper resorted to his supposed personal Twitter account to allegedly mock the former couple's relationship issues.

“Lol damn I know how it be when that hoe turn to a demon [crying face emoji],” he wrote to his almost 90,000 followers.

YoungBoy's comment came after Lil Durk sought to re-engage India on social media following their split last year.

“I ain’t perfect but I’m for you and I love you and I’m all ears when ever we get back in a relationship,”  the Chicago native posted on Instagram Stories last week. “You saved my life with you and willow and big sky outside all my kids you was there,”he said.

India Royale responded to NBA YoungBoy with a series of tweets, challenging his street cred and telling him not to "talk" about her.

“That lil boy need to find somebody to play with. You was just a dirty lil bad kid. You ain’t like that Fr,” she wrote. “Don’t speak on me bitch I let you slide the first time.”

India stated that her comments were directed at "dent head," presumably referring to the scars on YoungBoy's face from breaking his neck as a youngster and being forced to wear a head brace.

“That’s still my BD. Ion play about hi. Y’all can chill. Fr,” she added. “Ppl think because they was dirty and in the hood they automatically gang. You wasn’t toting no guns, you was food deprived.”

Addressing the "dent head" jab in stride, NBA YoungBoy tweeted: “[crying face emoji] bitch I know 1 thing you ain’t gone muthafucking play with me,” along with a screenshot of him listening to his song “DentHead.”

The back-and-forth didn't stop there, as India Royale was unwilling to concede, tweeting simply, "Playing."

When one fan cautioned her: “Oh you better be scared,” she replied with: “He said don’t play with him. I’m playing hoe. Wassup?”

In a video shared to his Instagram Stories, Lil Durk attempted to enter the fray, addressing an anonymous individual and their female troubles.

“Man, get in your feelings about your hoe,” he said. “Get out your feelings about all these hoes. These hoes is fucking, these hoes is for everybody, man. Damn, can’t save ’em all, broski. Shit, you can’t save ’em all! Trust me.”

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