NBA YoungBoy Explains How He Defines Whether a Rapper Is Gangsta or Not - WhatsOnRap

NBA YoungBoy has said in a new interview with 'Rap Radar' that he can tell if a rapper is "gangster" or not just by looking at his mama.

YoungBoy Never Broke Again claims to have a unique set of abilities that allow him to determine whether or not a rapper is a true gangster.

The RapRadar Podcast released their latest interview with YB on Thursday (Feb. 16). Top discusses his forthcoming album, Don't Try This at Home, in one of the clips selected from the full-length interview.

"I’m gonna talk crazy on there," NBA YoungBoy said. "I’m gonna show you Murda Man. I’m gonna talk crazy on there, but I’m letting you know though, don’t try this at home."

Once questioned about the thin boundary that separates reality and entertainment, YB stated that the two are unconnected.

"Entertainment and reality is very different," NBA YoungBoy continued. "What I do think is some entertainer make their entertainment their reality also. Don’t get me wrong, a lot of people you’ll see today, oh that’s 100 percent who they is. I don’t doubt it. A lot of rappers today, half of them probably 100 percent who they is. But I guarantee you bro, the majority of them, nah."

He added: "It be like this bro: you’ll look at these rappers’ videos, you gon’ see a gun in this video, right? You go to the next one, you see a gun in his video, right? You gotta dig a little deeper sometimes, bro. Alright, now look at his mama. His mama ain’t no gangsta, so how the fuck is he a gangsta? That shit don’t be adding up, bro."

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