Nicki Minaj Stamps Ice Spice As Hip-Hop’s New Princess, Supports Her By Quoting Lyrics to ‘Princess Diana - WhatsOnRap

Nicki Minaj support & shows love to Ice Spice’s Dazed cover

As Nicki Minaj has regularly received backlash for beefing with the latest generation of rappers (such Megan Thee Stallion, Cardi B, and Latto), she clearly praises Ice Spice. In the last six months, the Bronx rapper has clearly won over the audience. 

From her orange hair to her early 2000s-inspired fashion, the popularity of "Munch (Feelin' U)" made her a generational icon. Whilst Nicki has been very silent about Spice, she has now addressed the "Princess Diana" rapper.

Fans spotted Nicki Minaj finally following Ice Spice this weekend. Nicki not only followed the Bronx Baddie, but she also left a remark on Ice's most recent post, which she captioned "thick cuz I be eatin oats." Nicki, like the rest of us, apparently enjoys Ice Spice. 

In the comments, she completed the lyric, saying, "Btchs slow, so I gif dem a pass. [fire emoji]" Nah. Grah!” "No more passes, Princess," she said. Let's go!" Thus it appears that a partnership is in the works.

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