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Rihanna and Jhené Aiko have been targeted by car thieves in Los Angeles

Jhené Aiko's car was taken from a Los Angeles restaurant recently, according to stories published over the weekend. The R&B singer was dining with her lover and family at Tasty Noodle House at the time. 

She saw someone drive away from the business with her 2020 Range Rover, presuming that the valet she had left the keys with was simply repositioning the whip. 

Sadly for her, it has yet to be discovered. We now know that this is not the only instance of its kind to occur in the City of Angels. Rihanna's home was also reportedly targeted by robbers, according to TMZ.

The pregnant mother's driver showed up outside her home in the neighborhood only a few days ago. He was immediately hurrying inside to fetch something at the moment. 

He chose to leave his keys in the 2012 Audi car with the engine running for whatever reason. Evidently, this was not his wisest decision. By the time he returned outside, the car was vanished. It's unclear if Rihanna was home at the time, but her staff member believes someone observed the car, hopped inside, and fled, according to law enforcement sources.

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The LAPD is conducting an investigation, however, like with Aiko, no clues have been identified at this time. Of course, this isn't the only unusual behavior going on at Rihanna's house lately. 

An unknown man showed up on her home last Thursday (March 23), stating he wanted to propose to the Barbadian beauty. Officers rushed to her house, where the suspect was apprehended and brought away to assure her safety.