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6ix9ine Breaks Silence Following Florida Gym Attack

6ix9ine is now opening about his horrible gym attack after days of quiet. The famous rapper re-shared video of the March 21 attack inside of the Florida LA Fitness on Friday. 

A bunch of males can be seen beating and punching 6ix9ine as he is curled on the floor of the men's locker area. In a long Instagram comment, the Brooklyn native, born Daniel Hernandez, addressed the event, calling it "cowardly" but not surprising.

“First time addressing the situation,” he began. “For 2 years I been walking around with no security. Not saying I promote that BUT now you see I really never hid from anything.”

He went on to add that he is sometimes shown through public totally alone since he frequently visits gas stations, grocery shops, and restaurants without any protection.

“Anyway what happen here was nothing but cowardly. I’m not mad this happened,” he continued. “In the street there’s no rules so I can’t say they were wrong. Obviously it wasn’t fair but again the streets has no rules. Just imagine having nothing to do to with a situation and feel obligated to make it your business. (Very weird).”

He went on to explain that he was simply grateful to be alive and thanked all of his followers for their support. 6ix9ine ended his speech by questioning the adulation heaped on his accused assailants. “I never knew we respected jumping people,” he wrote. “When did that ever become a W???”

While agreeing to testify against accused members of the Nine Trey Gangsta Bloods, 6ix9ine has faced continual threats. His evidence resulted in many convictions and aided in the reduction of his sentence in a federal racketeering case. 

The high-profile court battle has severely affected 6ix9ine's career, transforming him from a chart-topping rapper to one of hip-most hop's despised "snitches."

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