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Tekashi 6ix9ine flees The County After Getting Beatdown In Bathroom

After his latest gym attack, 6ix9ine appears to be having the time of his life visiting Cuba. Last week, the famous rapper was attacked while visiting an L.A. Fitness club without his security crew. 

He was brought to the hospital at the time after suffering facial injury!es. According to those close to him, he has no plans to leave his residence in Florida or change gym facilities anytime soon.

Yesterday, a video of 6ix9ine enjoying outside in Cuba leaked online (March 27). He is supposed to be residing in Pinar del Rio's rural region. 

In the short clip, he walks along a hillside, smiling from ear to ear. With a hat and an unbuttoned shirt, he looks to be enjoying the pleasant weather. Overseas, there is certainly a lot of excitement about the "GOOBA" artist. When the post went to a conclusion, the camera saw him being passionately welcomed by a small child.

We can't conclusively prove whether or not 6ix9ine has moved to the island for the time being because the post didn't originate from him. Given his previous visits, it's very potential that online trolls are exploiting old footage to generate a fuss online. 

Despite this, the 26-year-old appears to be keeping a quiet profile in the aftermath of the chaotic attack. He may not have had much to say publicly about the situation, but many other celebrities, as well as friends and family members, have spoken in.

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