6ix9ine Not Increasing Security or Moving Despite Brutal Gym Attack - WhatsOnRap

Earlier this week, 6ix9ine  The rapper had been working out at LA Fitness in Florida when he was attacked by a bunch of men. 

As a result, these individuals started to attack him, allegedly without reason. Overall, it was a rather violent beating that was extensively documented on video. 

6ix9ine suffered bruises all over his face as a result of the brawl. Furthermore, his face was swollen and covered in gashes.

Following the incident, the artist was kept in a storage room in the gym. That is when the staff opted to contact the cops and EMS. After being transported to the hospital, 6ix9ine was treated and soon discharged. 

At this moment, authorities are still looking for the persons who carried out the crime. Even 6ix9ine's lawyer, Lance Lazzaro, has chimed in, stating that he would call the FBI to ensure 6ix9ine's safety. 

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Nonetheless, the rapper has no intentions of increasing his security, according to TMZ. P eople close to 6ix9ine said that he simply wants to live his life like a normal person. When you take into account how long the rapper was imprisoned for, it is a fairly daring choice. 

Fans speculated that Tekashi would be a target. Regardless, the artist has fired his security and stated unequivocally that he will not rehire them as a result of this incident. While this may come as a surprise, it is consistent with 6ix9ine's thought process over the years.