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Travis Scott faces legal action for tossing fan’s phone prior to alleged nightclub assault

Travis Scott may be sued after allegedly throwing a fan's phone during his guest DJ set at a New York City nightclub earlier this week.

TMZ acquired video of the phone-throwing altercation, which occurred on Tuesday night at Club Nebula (February 28).

The footage shows La Flame behind the DJ booth becoming agitated because the phone was in his face, then reaching out to grab the item and flinging it away. According to the sufferer, the phone struck him in the head, smashing the screen.

According to the victim, Nebula provided his table a complimentary bottle, but he declined. The man has allegedly hired a lawyer and  ”plans to file both a police report and civil lawsuit.”

This occurred just minutes before Travis Scott accused of assaulting a sound engineer at Nebula who was trying to reduce the volume of the sound system while Scott was DJing.

Video of the minutes leading up to the alleged incident eventually surfaced. La Flame can be heard saying to the man, "Back the fuck up!" as he pushes him out of the path.

According to Page Six, Travis had the volume turned up too high, resulting in a warped sound, and the sound engineer attempted to remedy the problem before being shouted at by the rapper.
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