Young Thug Attempts to Redact Video Threatening Lil Wayne - WhatsOnRap

Young Thug's defense attempt to block video evidence of the rapper allegedly threatening Lil Wayne in 2015.

In the YSL RICO case, Young Thug and his co-defendants are battling to prove their innocence. Despite not having gotten past jury selection, prosecutors are doing all they can to keep the Atlanta rapper locked away for the remainder of his life. 

Yet, his legal team is working hard to prove his innocence. Thug has filed a petition to exclude from evidence 2015 footage in which he reportedly threatened Lil Wayne. Authorities believe this will be essential in showing YSL is a street gang, especially since a conviction has already been obtained.

Thug and Birdman have both been accused in connection with the incident, although neither was convicted. 

However, Jimmy Carlton Winfrey, popularly known as Peewee Roscoe, was accused of firing at Lil Wayne's tour bus by a jury. While the feud between Weezy and Thug appears to be over, prosecutors claim that this piece of evidence will help them win their case.

In addition to the 2015 video involving Lil Wayne, Young Thug is seeking information on an informant known as "K.C." The accused informant allegedly began cooperating with investigators about the same time as the video of Lil Wayne became viral. 

Thug's attorneys feel that information about K.C. is critical to their case. Since no decision has been made, it is evident that Thugger's defense is working hard to counter the prosecutor's allegations.

K.C. was reported as the suspected perpetrator in a drive-by shooting at T.I.G. Studios on January 8, 2015. Law enforcement was able to get the documents that identified K.C. as the shooter through the State's discovery procedure. 

Authorities have yet to show any major evidence relating to the studio shooting, such as 911 calls, recordings, or reports. This information is significant since T.I.G. was a go-to studio for YFN Lucci. According to District Attorney Fani Willis, the YSL/YFN dispute turned Atlanta into a dangerous city, responsible for 50 killings and shootings. We'll keep you updated on any new developments regarding the YSL trial.