Chris Tovar, Founder Of Sour Apple PR And A&R Music Manager, On His Way To Success

Chris Tovar was born on Boyle Heights, Ca, he's only 28 years old and already has a background in music management industry. 

Chris Tovar has always had a passion for music; his grandpa used to play guitar for a well-known Mexican band, and his aunt and grandmother owned an entertainment business.

He was managing Def Jam signed artist OHNO last year, but now he is managing the producer Zayce Hundo. 

Chris Tovar has worked in the music industry for almost 10 years, proving that he is a hightly professional in his field. He studied marketing at East Los Angeles College, where he obtained management skills before becoming the Day-to-Day manager for Def Jam artist OHNO. 

Chris Tovar, Founder Of Sour Apple PR And A&R Music Manager, On His Way To Success
As many people know, Chris Tovar is the founder of Sour Apple PR, which launched in October of last year. The major purpose of this new company in the music business is to assist artists in taking their careers to the next level. 

Sour Apple now works with some of the most well-known clients, such as LA EYEKON, AZUL, WAVEZ, ARSN, MIXWIZARDS, MIXEDBYCROOK, and others. According to a source close to the successful Chris, his clients are always satisfied and proud of discovering his firm, which has helped them achieve new heights in their professions. 

What makes the Sour Apple company so unique is that it provides to clients with an extensive selection of services at affordable rates, including product placement, Spotify playlisting, article writing, graphic design, tours, YouTube promotion, influencer marketing, radio and podcast interviews, and much more. And this is what it makes clients very happy to discover about the company. 

Chris Tovar may be the greatest when it comes to work tactics; he depends on very basic ways to improve the artist's career and polish their abilities by recognizing where they are presently in their profession and what they hope to achieve in the coming 6-12 months. 

Based on this, he compelled the artists to achieve their objectives. "We set small goals and slowly start working towards hitting those set goals. Every artist is on a different path so not every artist needs the same help in certain areas." Chris Tovar said.

In terms of abilities, what defines Chris Tovar from many other managers is his capacity to fully understand how each artist thinks and feels in every situation, as well as attempting to build a trust relationship with the artist to allow them to acquire confidence in themselves. 

Chris Tovar will be opening his own office on May 1st, at the MixWizards facility in Montebello, California. Check out the links below for further details: