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WATCH: NLE Choppa says he's probably the reason Ice Spice changed her number after he slickly tried to shoot his shot

NLE Choppa claims he is to blame for Ice Spice's phone number change. NLE Choppa appeared on The Breakfast Club on Wednesday (April 12) to promote his new album Cottonwood 2, that had been released today (April 14). 

During the debate, cohost Charlamagne Tha God asked the Memphis rapper to respond to Choppa's prior claims that Ice Spice changed her phone number when Choppa began messaging her.

"I was just trying to get her on a song, on the real," he explained. Choppa confessed this about 42 minutes into the interview "People change their number...Was I probably the reason? I don't know. Probably." NLE Choppa stated that his words were initially about music.

"I was business-oriented, and when I hollered, she ain't have no [issues] about it," Choppa continued. He then accepted to firing the shot. "Slicky," he remarked, referring to his three-point try. "I slid in. I asked her, do she like vegan food? That’s probably why she changed her number."

NLE Choppa has made no secret of his affection for the Bronx, New York rapper. In November of last year, he released a song called "Ice Spice." Choppa's introduction of the song elicited a response from Ice Spice.

During an interview last month, NLE Choppa informed Jason Lee that he stopped messaging Ice Spice because she supposedly changed her phone number without informing him."I don’t text her no more," the rapper said. 

"She changed her number. So, I watch from a distance. I see she’s doing a lot of big things.""She changed her phone number."

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