Barber Reportedly Impersonates A Police Officer In Order To See Megan Thee Stallion At Final Four Fest - WhatsOnRap

Houston man arrested for allegedly posing as a police officer to get into Megan Thee Stallion concert
Via: ABC13

On Monday, a man charged of impersonating a police officer in order to get entry to Friday's Final Four Fan Fest performance, which included Megan Thee Stallion, appeared in front of a court.

Trayvone Lil Darus Stevenson, 28, was arrested over the weekend in Harris County after being accused of impersonating a governmental worker.

According to court filings, Stevenson reportedly donned a "Police K-9" vest and pretended to be working security as a police officer to attend Megan Thee Stallion's sold-out concert at Discovery Green.

Attorneys claim Stevenson is a barber in Houston with no skills and experience to be an officer. Per the attorneys, having worn a "Police K-9" vest, he did not have a dog with him.  Stevenson, who seems to have no prior record, was given a $20,000 bail by the prosecutor on Monday. According to court documents, Stevenson bonded out following his hearing.

"Megan Thee Stallion is a fantastic draw, big draw, especially here in Houston, but this is still a felony case. You cannot go and impersonate an officer to get into a concert venue,"  prosecutor Mathew Jackson said to Eyewitness News during Monday's hearing.

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