Asian Doll Slams Youtube Documentary After Labeling King Von As ‘Rap’s First Serial Killer’ - WhatsOnRap

Asian Doll speaks on the King Von documentary that claims he killed 11 people

The documentary exposing King Von, Rap's First Serial Killer, has divided opinion. The documentary, which was uploaded on YouTube, was momentarily deleted before it was uploaded again on Wednesday.

Fans of the late rapper, on the other hand, have come to his support. They label the documentary "speculation" and attack its portrayal of theory as truth.

Trap Lore Ross's Rap's First Serial Killer claims that King Von was in charge for at least 10 killings prior to his death in 2020. This includes Malcolm Stuckey's death, for which King Von was acquitted in 2017. Asian Doll, Von's previous partner, is now speaking out about the documentary.

Asian responded to Rap's First Serial Killer in now-deleted tweets, saying it "not true." She also contended,  “How They Tell A Story About Somebody That DIED before he could tell his own.” 

Moreover, the second tweet uploaded to Instagram by theneighborhood talk refers to a claim that the documentary says nothing new that King Von hasn't already said. According to one of the documentary's most popular comments, 

“The wild part is folks can’t be mad at dude for making this documentary the same information he’s sharing is the same information that Von HIMSELF and his peers put out there, NOBODY ELSE. This information was already there he just cumulated all of it into one complete video.”  Considering this, Asian highlights an important point.

Von's classification as a "serial killer" is highly contested. Von was linked to two additional killings in addition to the Stuckey murder, for which he was acquitted. 

In 2019, he was detained in Atlanta in connection with the robbery and murder of Alexander Witherspoon. Von was freed after posting a $300,000 bail. Furthermore, about a year after Von's death, Chicago police charged Von with the 2014 murder of Gakirah "K.I." Barnes. They did, however, declare that they were unable to charge him owing to a lack of collaborating witnesses. 

Regardless of what backers of the documentary say, Von's case will remain unsolved. Until comprehensive proof is presented, assertions that he was a "serial killer" are only hypotheses.

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