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BTB Savage is an American upcoming rapper who was born in Cleveland, Ohio, United States. His full name was Brian Thompson, and his birthdate was not released by authorities since his name was in the most recent death headlines. 

After moving to Texas and enrolling, he attended Churchill High School in San Antonio, Texas, and while BTB Savage was a youngster, he played basketball in school and was not active in music.

After having finished his high school education, the rapper found his passion for singing, then after he stepped into the music industry, at which he achieved considerable recognition and wealth from BTB Savage song, but due to a lack of resource base to seek his dream career, he enlisted in the military to improve his financial circumstances, and details about this are given in the BTB Savage military section of this blog.

According to BTB Savage wiki on Save Daughters, as the rapper's economic position did not improve because of lack of recompense.

BTB Savage military journey began as he attempted to improve his situation through army recruitment, but the raising rapper's military journey ended when he was arrested for fraud overseas. BTB Savage's military career came to an end here, and he was freed and permitted to return to Fort Hood, Texas, where he chose to pursue rap professionally.

Speaking of BTB Savage's music, just after military set to release him, he had some money to continue his career and he started taking his rap seriously, paying nearly every single hour in the studio but was forced to use YouTube beats, which was annoying because it took hours to find the best beat or a beat that no one else had used.

Eventually, when he hooked up with DUVIN, his debut single, "Marilyn Manson," featured BTB Savage and Veeze, and was produced by DUVIN x Chino, and it was a huge step forward for him. 

The upcoming rapper BTB Savage songs include Pinky's Oreoz, Break the Bank, Dolce Gabbana, and First Day Out. He also manages to collaborate with famous rappers such as Gramz, Juney Knotzz, Skilla Baby, and Veeze.

When it comes to BTB Savage parents, no information about his father name's since BTB Savage's mother reared him alone in a low-income family, and no information about BTB Savage siblings is available in any public sources.

At the time of his death, the net worth of American rapper and artist BTB Savage was reported to be $5 million. 
Who is BTB Savage

According to official statements, the late rapper BTB Savage died as a result of catastrophic gunshots sustained in a coordinated ambush on San Felipe Street. He was parked on the side of the road in his white Mercedes Benz when a black Subaru pulled up beside him and two unidentified gunmen jumped out and unleashed a hail of bullets.

His Mercedes-Benz was seen in a video with bullet holes all over it, and it's assumed that they were fired from many assault guns. 

BTB Savage was flaunting his cold wristwatch in a kitchenette coated with dry blood before the event, and those photos were presumably shot at the scene of a heist gone horrifically wrong at his house months ago.