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Kai Cenat Asks Adin Ross To Pay $10,000 for Gervonta Davis and Ryan Garcia Bet

Gervonta Davis vs. Ryan Garcia became one of the most fascinating and anticipated boxing matches of the year, bringing in fans from all walks of life. 

Jay-Z even appeared to narrate a promotional film for Tank. However, in the realm of streaming, this struggle has resulted in a possible confrontation between two of its biggest stars. 

Kai Cenat recently clowned Adin Ross following Davis' triumph, seeking $10,000 from a bet they made. Unfortunately for Cenat, it appears that he will not relent on the cash anytime soon since he feels "robbed."

“Adin! "I need my money!" screamed the world's largest Twitch streamer from his seats at the match. "I need my ten thousand, Adin, I need it!"

 Following that, in a video posted by Ross, a huge streamer himself, he had some terrible news for Kai. "I'm scamming you, Kai," 

He stated this with a solemn expression on his face. “Come get your money back, bro, I don’t care. I’m mad as f**k. I got robbed. He didn’t really get knocked out, it was the craziest thing I’ve ever seen in my life. I’m scamming you, a hundred thousand percent. I’m not even joking, bro, you’re scammed. You got scammed, bro.”

It could be exciting to observe how much of this is in-the-moment rage and how much is real avoidance after this encounter. 

Adin Ross, obviously, is not unfamiliar to controversy, particularly when it comes to streaming. While he no longer works for Twitch, his outspoken support for Andrew Tate and other activities caused public opinion to turn against him. 

Having said that, he recently came up about his opioid addiction, whose a much bigger hurdle to overcome and one for which fans should express sympathy and concern regardless of his words.

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