Everything You Need To Know About The Memphis Upcoming Rapper King Coopa, Exclusive Interview

Everything You Need To Know About The Memphis Upcoming Rapper King Coopa, Exclusive Interview

King Coopa (A.K.A BiggBumpDown) was born in Rochester, NY on July 2nd, 1995. He moved to Memphis, TN at 3 yrs old, where he was raised in East Memphis, Parkway Village. 

He always had music in his life while playing instruments at a young age in his community, but didn’t start rapping until the end of 2017. In 2019, he signed himself through United Masters, started recording in the studio, and started taking his rap career more seriously. What led to this in his own words he

Stated: “Music is pretty much my outlet & venting method, and although I’ll ride or drive almost anything that goes fast to get steam off too, I think music is the most peaceful way I release.”

Everything You Need To Know About The Memphis Upcoming Rapper King Coopa, Exclusive Interview

This was even more true in early 2020 when he lost 4 very important people in his life in the span of a month. He described how it affected him while channeling his focus on his career: “I shot my shot at every net I seen hanging afterwards.”

After taking a year off of releasing music to focus on his sound, traveling, and developing himself as an artist, King Coopa most recently signed to CMG artist Big Boogie’s new label “RedRumTheLabel” at the top of 2023. 

With new music on the way, King Coopa is gearing up to take all his supporters with him through his new journey to make his mark in the rap game and beyond.

WhatsOnRap was lucky enough to reach the rapper King Coopa in order to have an exclusive interview, where he expressed himself and open up about many aspects around his life and career. See the full interview below:

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  • How long has music been a part of your life?
All of it basically.
  • If it wasn’t for music, where would you be now? 
I honestly dk but probably nowhere good.
  • In which way do you aim to make a difference? 
Everyway, almost every n anything I do is aimed towards being the difference maker.
  • Who is your fashion icon, and why?
Fabulous, he be puttin ts on no cap.

  • What’s the most trouble you’ve ever gotten into? 

  • Facing 15yrs.
    • Where is your career heading?
    Everywhere GOD directing my feet & im here for it ALL.
    • How would you describe your style of music?
    A mix between Pain n Passion, it’s some soul in there, a lil reggae n Afro, just depends on the vibe it be different recipes for different entrée.
    • How do you put words to paper?
    I’ve honestly always had a way with words & knowing how to use em I just learned how to make the message I was trying to get thru plain & more understandable.
    • If you could perform anywhere in the world where would it be ?
    Dubai, I love the vibe there.
    • What makes you different from the other rappers in the industry?
    My story, my message in general, my approach at the industry & my music.
    • Who is your biggest music influences?
    Boog (Big Boogie) of course, Bob Marley, Chief KEEF, T-Pain, Drake, & Barry White.
    • If you could collaborate with any artist who would it be and why?
    Bankroll Fresh, I always wanted to work with him, it messed me up I never got a chance to.
    • Do you have any kooky habits we should know about?
    Next QuestioN, lol I gets my treatment.
    • Who inspires you the most?
    My son, My brother, n My Family.
    • How do you plan to breakthrough, and where do you think the future of the music industry lies?
    By being the Difference Maker & in our laps n hands, it’s literally a make or break situation with the industry rn it’s all up to the ones that’s holding the torches rn & I KNOW my number’s being called to be one of the ones to get lit next.

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