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Lil Durk Look-Alike Perkio Debuts New Look

Perkio, Lil Durk's doppelganger, is attempting to launch his own rap career without leaning on Durk's bandwagon. 

However, it appears that he intends to do so with a quite different appearance. Recently, the imposter displayed shorter black locks (Smurk, oddly, also returned to black, but not as short). In the video, he updated followers on what he's up to, such as music videos, and let them know that great things are on the way.

Yet, there were a few times when Perkio said stuff that was slightly too similar to The Voice. One example is the Chicago MC's relationship with India Royale, which has had its fair share of ups and downs, as well as make-up requests. 

Despite Lil Durk's desire to be with her, Perkio stated that Smurk is single because he is single. Maybe he's made more diverse selections since then and taken a new route that isn't limited by his resemblance.


Furthermore, people believe that Perkio was not new to pursuing the bag because of his resemblance to Lil Durk. He disclosed in September that he charged around $10,000 for each event, which was a lot of money for many fans. 

Those figures might alter, and perhaps rise, if the doppelgänger's rap career takes off. In December of last year, he released visuals for the song "Shake It." Quality songs with a new flow or style may resurrect Perkio as a respectable MC to watch, although one with an unusual past.

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