Lil Durk Announced A Collab With J. Cole, Fans Thought It Was April Fool’s Prank - WhatsOnRap

J. Cole & Lil Durk have music on the way… Lil Durk revealed this during a sit down at Dreamville Fest!

Lil Durk reportedly revealed a collaboration with J. Cole and that new music from both would be released soon. 

Additionally, the first story appeared to be from the NFR Podcast, a prominent YouTube and podcast station with a large fan base in the hip-hop media industry. This is relevant given that Durkio is headlining this weekend's Dreamville Fest, and the statements were supposedly made during a sit-down interview at the event. 

NFR's Luca and Anthony remained by their word, posting a photo of the disputed sit-down interview. Nonetheless, each person in the photo is laughing, and you'd think they'd post a video clip instead of a photo. 

Moreover, when a fan inquired whether it was an April Fool's joke, they stated no and simply responded with the same image. They get along well, and Durk has ties to the rest of Dreamville thanks to his JID collaboration.

Even if it doesn't become a hit, it will almost clearly be a high-quality track, since both of them are world-famous as phenomenal lyricists and storytellers in their own right. 

Interestingly, despite the flowers and people who have been bestowed upon him, he has revealed that he is envious of people who live more peaceful lives.

“You know what I’m envious of, too? To that point,” he expressed to Bob Myers. “The way that I said is valid to someone who wants to live that life, but I also think another valid way to live is, yo. I’m envious of people who don’t have a strong desire or strong vision.” 

While this appears to be backhanded compliments, he went on to express his argument much more clearly.

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