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Offset got a Takeoff back tattoo in honor of him

Following Takeoff's unexpected death this fall, thousands of tributes have been made in his honor. There has not been yet one artistic effort that has not been used to pay honor to the Migos group member, from poignant statements on social media to the numerous ways in which he has been commemorated on record.

The most recent, on the other hand, has blown admirers away. Offset debuted a new piece of art on Saturday (April 15): an image of Takeoff tattooed across the expanse of his back. 

Without a doubt, the hours of agony he suffered while perfecting the picture pale in contrast to the loss of the extremely brilliant rapper.

Takeoff is covered with this characteristic range of chains as he stands against a galaxy backdrop in the elaborate tattoo. 

Offset just wrote in the caption, "Love you 4L & after." Offset has stayed publicly silent about life after such a devastating death. Aside from posting old images of his longtime musical collaborator and a December tweet in which he stated, "In a dark place," he has kept his pain hidden from followers.

Offset isn't the only one attempting to honor Takeoff's legacy. Quavo said earlier this month that his new album, Rocket Power, has devoted itself to his nephew. 

He also revealed the idea for the masks he's been wearing. "It represents the loss of my other half." "I want to show that he's always with me whenever I perform," he told Insider. The next LP's release date has yet to be announced.

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