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Offset Slams Quality Control Music On Twitter

Offset is slamming Quality Control.  During his ongoing litigation, the Migos musician resorted to Twitter to take out his old company. He alleged in a series of since-deleted tweets that QC was stopping him from releasing solo songs.

“Never thought life be this fu**ed up,” he wrote while paying tribute to Takeoff with the hashtag #LLTake. “I can’t drop music also.” Since he did not specifically mention QC, he did hint to it. “Black ppl holding black ppl back.”

The comments came in his legal dispute with QC about his solo career. He sued the label in August, accusing them of disregarding a pact they struck in January 2021. Offset claims he "paid handsomely" for his solo artist rights, but QC did not fulfill the agreement and was attempting to take ownership of his solo music, including his hit single "54321."

"[Quality Control's] wrongful interference with Offset's upcoming new music release and continued instance of being credited as the owner of Offset's new solo sound recordings is groundless and unjustified," According to a recent court document acquired by RadarOnline, Offset's lawyer.

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