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A YSL attorney was arrested for having prescription drugs in his bag in court and assaulting an officer for accidentally throwing a phone at him

According to the Atlanta Journal-Constitution, YSL RICO case defense lawyer Anastasios Manettas was detained in court after reportedly bringing drugs into the Fulton County courthouse.

After a security inspection of his suitcase, Manettas was imprisoned in court on Thursday. He was discovered with a bottle of prescription drugs and reportedly tossed his smartphone at a deputy during the encounter. 

Manettas is accused with simple violence on a law enforcement officer, obstructing and disturbing court procedures, and possessing medicines that were not in their original container.

Manettas was attempting tossing his phone to another lawyer, according to reporter George Chidi. Attorney Suri Chadha Jimenez has denied that Manettas intentionally tossed his phone at the deputy, claiming it was an accident.

Miles "Slato" Farley, one of the 28 people mentioned in the charge for suspected gang activity last year, is represented by Manettas. 

The attorney's arrest came only one day after defendant Rodalius Ryan was carried out of the courtroom for being in possession of marijuana. When he was led away, he disrupted the court proceedings by shouting from his holding cell.

A footage surfacing online this week showed YSL attorney Justin Hill yelling "cap" at Judge Glanville for implying he didn't have a pre-argument. One of the possible jurors in the case was sentenced to three days in jail earlier this month for recording with their phone in the courtroom.

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