A$AP Rocky Climbs Over Crowded Gate To Get Into Hotel Before Met Gala - WhatsOnRap

A$AP Rocky rushes to Met Gala 2023 with Rihanna, accidentally uses fan's face to climb over barricade.

A$AP Rocky was clearly in a hurry to attend the highly anticipated Met Gala 2023 with his girlfriend Rihanna. In his rush to get to the event, the Harlem rapper took a shortcut through a crowd of fans standing outside The Carlyle Hotel in Manhattan.

While climbing over the barricade, he inadvertently used a woman's face to hoist himself up. Although the woman was initially taken aback, she didn't seem to mind once she recognized the rapper. On Twitter, she even posted a selfie with the caption "hello I'm the girl."

The incident left onlookers in shock, but it's not surprising that a celebrity like Rocky would go to great lengths to avoid being late to such a high-profile event. 

While the woman's reaction may have been unexpected, it's a testament to how much influence and popularity A$AP Rocky has. In the end, it was just another crazy moment in the world of hip-hop and celebrity culture.