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Soulja Boy Claims He Was Talking to Ice Spice 'Before She Got Popping Off'

Soulja Boy recently made a revelation during an interview on The Bootleg Kev Podcast, shedding light on his prior interaction with Ice Spice before her rise to stardom. The "Munch (Feelin' U)" rapper expressed his admiration for Ice Spice's burgeoning career and shared his excitement about her success. Soulja Boy even hinted at the possibility of a future collaboration with the rising star.

In his own words, Soulja Boy said, "I genuinely like Ice Spice, no doubt about it. People might question my choice, but she's new, she's making waves, and I appreciate what she's doing. Honestly, I discovered her before she gained widespread attention." He further revealed, "I was in contact with her, and then her career just took off. I love witnessing moments like that, when someone goes from being under the radar to skyrocketing to success. It's inspiring to see."

When asked about the potential for a collaboration with Ice Spice by Bootleg Kev, Soulja Boy enthusiastically responded, "Hell yeah!" He disclosed that they had already discussed the possibility and that he frequently communicates with her. Soulja Boy expressed his admiration for Ice Spice once again, stating, "Shout out to Ice Spice, she's cool. I really like what she's doing."

In a recent cover story for Paper magazine, Ice Spice opened up about her father's influence on her musical journey. She credited her father, also a rapper, as a significant source of inspiration. "He played a major role in motivating me to record music," she revealed. 

Recalling her early memories in the studio with him, Ice Spice mentioned, "I was just a young child back then, but I have flashes of those moments. Those experiences, even though I don't remember every detail, left a lasting impression on me." She continued, "Unconsciously, I became an artist because I saw my father embodying that role. He's a true hip-hop enthusiast, even more than me. He possesses extensive knowledge about hip-hop, always educating me on the genre and related subjects."
In a separate incident, it was reported today that Ice Spice promptly shut down a fan who slid into her DMs with inappropriate intentions. The "Princess Diana" rapper didn't hesitate to respond, pointing out the fan's less-than-desirable hairstyle and lack of Nike tech. Additionally, Ice Spice was recently spotted shooting a new music video on the streets of New York, generating anticipation among her fans for her upcoming work.

This revelation by Soulja Boy, coupled with Ice Spice's candid insights into her artistic upbringing, adds an intriguing layer to the narrative of their connection. Fans and industry observers eagerly await further developments, keeping a keen eye on the potential collaboration between these two rap talents.

Q: Who is Ice Spice?
A: Ice Spice is a Bronx rising star in the rap and hip-hop industry.

Q: What is Soulja Boy known for?
A: Soulja Boy is known for his chart-topping hits and unique style in the rap genre.

Q: How did Soulja Boy describe Ice Spice's career?
A: Soulja Boy expressed enjoyment in seeing Ice Spice's career take off and praised her success.

Q: Did Soulja Boy mention when he discovered Ice Spice?
A: Yes, Soulja Boy stated that he found out about Ice Spice before she gained widespread attention.

Q: What was Soulja Boy's reaction to Ice Spice's rise to fame?
A: Soulja Boy mentioned that he liked seeing artists like Ice Spice go from being relatively unknown to achieving great success.

Q: Did Soulja Boy indicate any interest in collaborating with Ice Spice?
A: Yes, Soulja Boy expressed interest in working with Ice Spice and stated that they had already discussed the possibility.

Q: How did Ice Spice's father influence her career?
A: Ice Spice revealed that her father, also a rapper, inspired her to pursue music. She mentioned that she saw him as a role model and that his passion for hip-hop had a significant impact on her.

Q: What incident involving Ice Spice happened recently?
A: Ice Spice shut down a fan who approached her inappropriately through direct messages, responding with a critique of the fan's appearance.

Q: Where was Ice Spice seen shooting a new music video?
A: Ice Spice was spotted shooting a new music video on the streets of New York.

Q: How are fans and industry observers reacting to the potential collaboration between Soulja Boy and Ice Spice?
A: Fans and industry observers are eagerly anticipating the collaboration and are excited to see what these two artists can create together.

Q: How has Soulja Boy's revelation impacted Ice Spice's narrative?
A: Soulja Boy's revelation adds an intriguing layer to Ice Spice's rise to fame, highlighting the potential support and influence she received from established artists.

Q: Is there any official confirmation of the collaboration between Soulja Boy and Ice Spice?
A: While Soulja Boy mentioned that they had discussed collaborating, there is no official confirmation of a collaboration at this time.

Q: Where can readers find more information and updates on this story?
A: Readers can find more information and updates on this story on our website or by staying tuned to our platform for the latest news in the rap and hip-hop industry.

Q: What are fans and industry insiders anticipating from Ice Spice's future work?
A: Fans and industry insiders are eagerly awaiting Ice Spice's upcoming projects and are curious to see how her career progresses after the revelation of her connection with Soulja Boy.

Q: How has Ice Spice's father influenced her music taste?
A: Ice Spice mentioned that her father is a true hip-hop enthusiast who has been educating her about the genre and influencing her music taste throughout her life.