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One Of The Island Boy’s Was Recently Arrested On Cinco De Mayo In Broward County! he was locked up for battery and domestic violence

On the night of Cinco de Mayo, KodiyakRedd, one of the members of the popular rap group Island Boy, was arrested in Broward County. The 20-year-old rapper was reportedly taken into custody on charges of drug possession and resisting arrest.

KodiyakRedd, whose real name is Xavier Johnson, was known for his energetic performances and catchy hooks in Island Boy's tracks. The rap group gained massive popularity on social media platforms such as TikTok and Instagram with their island-inspired music, which combines hip-hop and reggaeton elements.

According to reports, KodiyakRedd was arrested by the Broward County Sheriff's Office after they found drugs in his possession during a routine traffic stop. He reportedly resisted arrest, which led to further charges.

The news of KodiyakRedd's arrest has sparked reactions from fans and fellow artists alike. Many have taken to social media to voice their support for the rapper, while others have expressed disappointment in his alleged actions.

Island Boy has not yet released a statement on the matter, and it remains to be seen how KodiyakRedd's arrest will affect the group's future plans. However, this is not the first time a member of the group has faced legal trouble. In 2020, Island Boy member BuffaLok was arrested for possession of a weapon and drugs.

After being released from jail, Island Boy member KodiyakRedd posted an Instagram story thanking his fans for their support during his detainment around " Days, “I look f*cked up, and I was sitting in county jail for 3 days and stuff like that, 24 hours lockdown, but I'm out man I'm free, prrr!! stop playing yes sir” KodiyakRedd said in his IG stories. 

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Q: Why was Island Boy member KodiyakRedd arrested?

A: KodiyakRedd was arrested on May 5th on charges of carrying a concealed firearm.

Q: How long was KodiyakRedd detained in jail?

A: KodiyakRedd was detained for around 3 days before being released.

Q: When was KodiyakRedd released from jail?

A: KodiyakRedd was released from jail on May 8th.

Q: What did KodiyakRedd say in his Instagram story after being released?

A: In his Instagram story after being released, KodiyakRedd thanked his fans for their support.

Q: Has KodiyakRedd commented on the charges against him?

A: KodiyakRedd has not made any public comments regarding the charges against him.

Q: Will KodiyakRedd face any consequences for the charges against him?

A: It remains to be seen what the consequences of the charges against KodiyakRedd will be.

Q: How have fans and fellow artists reacted to KodiyakRedd's arrest?

A: Some fans and fellow artists have expressed concern for KodiyakRedd's well-being, while others have criticized the justice system.

Q: Has KodiyakRedd been in trouble with the law before?

A: It's unclear if KodiyakRedd has had any previous run-ins with the law.

Q: What is KodiyakRedd's role in the Island Boy group?

A: KodiyakRedd is a member of the Island Boy group, a group of young rappers from Florida who gained fame on social media.

Q: What kind of music does the Island Boy group make?

A: The Island Boy group makes music that is a mix of rap and reggaeton.

Q: Has KodiyakRedd been able to continue making music since his release?

A: It's unclear if KodiyakRedd has been able to continue making music since his release.

Q: What kind of consequences could KodiyakRedd face for the charges against him?

A: KodiyakRedd could face fines, probation, or even jail time for the charges against him.

Q: How have Island Boy fans reacted to KodiyakRedd's release?

A: Many Island Boy fans have expressed relief and happiness at KodiyakRedd's release.

Q: Will KodiyakRedd's legal troubles affect the Island Boy group's popularity?

A: It remains to be seen if KodiyakRedd's legal troubles will have any effect on the Island Boy group's popularity.

Q: What message does KodiyakRedd's arrest send to other young rappers?

A: KodiyakRedd's arrest serves as a reminder that young rappers need to be careful and responsible in order to avoid legal trouble.