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Post Malone swaps shoes with fan during concert

Post Malone is known for engaging with his fans at performances, and during a recent gig, he went it a step further by trading shoes with a lucky fan. Fans praised Post for his down-to-earth and real attitude with his audience after the scene was recorded on camera and instantly went viral.

A concertgoer captured the artist, 27, conversing to a fan who had seemingly personalized a pair of shoes for the singer in the one-minute footage, which was released on Twitter Wednesday.

"These are so sick. I saw them on stage when I was singing," he said in the video, as the fan said that the shoes are "for you."

"I wanted to make sure I could come and grab them," he replied. "You're a legend. You are f—ing so sick. Thank you very much."

Then, the fan insisted, "You take mine and I take yours."

"Oh, is that the trade? I didn't know it was a trade," he said as he started to take his shoes off. "I'll have you know, these hoes stank, probably."

The "Chemicals" singer signed his shoes and handed them to the fan. He also gave her a warm embrace as he said goodbye."

Watch the video below