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Post Malone says he's happy and healthy as fans grow concerned over his weight loss.

This week, Post Malone fans expressed their worry for the pop star. The singer is reportedly in Australia for a series of shows, but a recent performance video has alarmed fans. 

Post Malone lost a lot of weight. However, his on-stage gestures led many to believe that he was suffering from health problems. Some speculated that he was afflicted, while others speculated that he was addicted.

A representative for the musician confirmed to TMZ that he is not ill or addicted to anything. Apparently, he lost weight after gaining weight for a movie part. Post has been dedicated to a stringent diet and training routine since the end of filming. 

Furthermore, the spokesperson stated that Post has been traveling nonstop since September, performing 90-minute concerts each night. Touring also helped with weight loss.

Post Malone's dad also chipped in, in response to the rep's remark. He verified that Post Malone is in his finest shape in a long time. "He's the healthiest he's been in years!" "Mentally and physically," he said in response to a post. 

Fans were thrilled to learn that Post Malone was in better form than he seemed on stage during his previous shows.

Post Malone is now on tour to promote his new album, Twelve Carat Toothache. Roddy Ricch, Doja Cat, The Weeknd, Gunna, and The Kid Laroi all made cameos on his latest record, which had 14 tracks in all. 

He toured America in the latter half of 2022, with Roddy Ricch as his opening act. He has a few tour dates in the United States planned for 2023, although he will play on May 26th at Bottle Rock Napa Valley 2023 in California.

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