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 Upcoming Rapper BigBankBreaJure Presents 'Up Next': New EP and Exclusive Interview

Introducing TreaJ, popularly known by his stage name BigBankBreaJure, is a proud native of Macon, Georgia. BigBankBreaJure's love of music dates back to his elementary school days, when he found his ability for singing and actively participated in the school chorus. When he bravely entered the stage at the talent event, his inherent musical ability showed through, creating a lasting impact on his peers and mentors.

BigBankBreaJure devotion to music remained consistent as he advanced from middle to high school. Immersed in the world of harmonies and melodies, he gave his all to the choir, polishing his vocal abilities and nourishing his creative spirit. 

Throughout these formative years, BigBankBreaJure unwavering passion for music continued to grow, fueling his desire to make a mark in the industry.

Despite his passion, BigBankBreaJure found himself at a crossroads, unsure of how to release his creative potential and share his talent with the rest of the world. It was a chance meeting in June of last year that altered everything. 

BigBankBreaJure sat down with a pen and paper and poured his heart and soul into writing his first New Orleans bounce song. He had no idea that this would become a watershed moment in his musical career.

BigBankBreaJure was intrigued by the craft of songwriting from that point forward. Each pen stroke moved him closer to his actual artistic identity, creating a deep sense of fulfillment and creative expression. 

BigBankBreaJure, now 19, says that his life experiences have played a significant part in molding his music. Unreleased tunes from his creative vaults attest to this, as they explore serious issues like mental health, combating despair, and navigating life's complexity.

Set to be charmed by TreaJ's next EP, "UP NEXT." It serves as a bold proclamation of his readiness to take the music industry by storm, heralding his arrival as the next groundbreaking artist on the scene. 

With this project, BigBankBreaJure aims to forge deep connections with industry professionals, from DJs and producers to talented engineers, labels, and even renowned celebrities.

His vision is limitless, and he hopes to leave an unforgettable imprint on the hearts and minds of music fans all across the world.

TreaJ Makes His Mark with Debut EP: Raw Talent and Emotion Take Center Stage
BigBankBreaJure is extremely proud of his Georgia heritage, and his music reflects his strong connection to the state.He draws inspiration from a diverse range of artists, both male and female, including Nicki Minaj's lyrical prowess, Foxy Brown's fierce energy, Pap Chanel's unapologetic spirit, NbaYoungboy's raw authenticity, Kendrick Lamar's thought-provoking verses, Drake's infectious melodies, Lil Wayne's trailblazing genius, Lil Baby's captivating flow, and the boundary-pushing artistry of Hunxho, TreaJ blends these influences seamlessly into his own unique sonic tapestry.

BigBankBreaJure is defined not only by his characteristic sound, but also by his dedication to developing a distinct aesthetic identity. His music is an eclectic blend, defying classification by effectively weaving together numerous genres and influences. BigBankBreaJure leaves no stone untouched in his pursuit of innovation, from his expertly created beats to his fascinating lyrics.

Taking WhatsOnRap as one of the most popular and influential resources, we were able to acquire an exclusive and exclusive interview with an outstanding young talent in the process of growth, BigBankBreaJure. 

The interview with our guest went extremely well and was enjoyable. We were able to ask him questions about his upcoming EP "UP NEXT," and he also provided some insights with us that may spark your interest as a fan or reader. 

TreaJ Unleashes His Debut EP: A Journey of Self-Expression and Empowerment

Read The Full Interview Below:

1. Can you tell us about the overall theme or concept behind your new EP? 

Creating this EP I was going through some tough time so I had sat down one day grab my pen and pad and went to YouTube and heard some beats and just started writing going off the dome 

2. What was your creative process like when making this EP? 

My creating process was very easy naming the songs that are on the EP i came up with when I was with my friends or in my dorm.Hearing the beats of the songs the words just started flowing and I got my magic pen and put it to work

3. How does this EP differ from your previous work? 

Well this is my First Ever EP I did wanna drop an album but my ma and friends Nakyia,Jade ,Diamond  Chris ,Arizona ,Key and Ree. and other people including my siblings told me to do an EP first and we picked out some good songs 

4. Can you describe any particular challenges or interesting experiences you had while making this EP?

Basically when I was creating this I was really trying to find my sound .Although im an upcoming LGBTQ ARTIST I don’t want to be compared to nobody else. So After I had dropped my first single “BigBankFreestyle “ I had took time to perfect my craft and find my own sound .

5. What kind of message or emotion do you hope to convey to listeners through this EP?

That you can do anything you can put your mind too. 

6. Are there any tracks on the EP that are particularly meaningful to you?  If so, can you tell us about them? 

I can say BigBankFreestyle and Message to family and friend .  The reason I say BigBankFreestyle is because it is a good soon and was basically a freestyle off the dome .Now Message to Family and Friends was a quick message to all my family and friends I couldn’t squeeze everybody in but I was going thru a tough when I recorded that and I wanted to let everyone know I love and appreciate them 

7. Can you talk about any collaborations or features on the EP, and how they came about? 

Well all I can say for right now on the Up Next deluxe Rico Cassadine ,Yung mea , Guap Child and Kosha Milan will be on there and the song are good and they are some amazing talented people and it’s all love and support to them 

8. How do you plan on promoting this EP to your fans and reaching new audiences? 

I plan on promoting this by making tiktok videos to the songs ,doing reels, Radio promotion and even Tv Promotions 

9. Are there any upcoming performances or events you have planned to support the EP release? 

Yes , they are in the works right now

10. What’s next for you after this EP?  Do you have any future projects or collaborations in the works?

After this EP BigBankBreaJure will be appearing on Big screen real soon I been doing casting calls .Most interviews and podcasts that will be coming soon.I also will be launching my hair business and I do have a couple of singles and features that coming soon 

11. Can you discuss any specific musical influences or inspirations that influenced the sound of this EP?

 I can say I got my style of music From listen to NICKI MINAJ the queen ofc Drake ,Lil Wayne ,Lil baby ,Nba youngboy,21 Savage Pap Chanel ,Hunxho Kendrick Lamar , J Cole 

12. What do you hope listeners take away from the EP after listening to it in its entirety? 

That if you want to do something with you life .

13. Were there any tracks on the EP that were particularly challenging to create or record? 

Yes they was a couple of scrapped tracked that was I had a song called “Pain “ that meant something me because I was really going thru so much at that time 

14. How did you go about selecting the tracks to include on the EP, and were there any songs that almost didn’t make the cut?

Well it was supposed to be 6 songs on the Ep but I cut down to 3 songs to just get everyone introduced with Me and my different alter egos . The songs that wasn’t on the EP will most definitely be on UP NEXT Deluxe 

15. Can you discuss any recurring themes or motifs that appear throughout the EP? 

Yes ,you will meet my different personalities/Alter egos “TreaJure,TreaJ,BreaJure,BigBankBreaJure ,and La’travious Hendrix Aka Treajthethug”. Also I wanted an Xxl freshman class theme yearbook because every year they come out with one and I watch and when I do I be like “That gonna be BigBankBreaJure soon “.

16. Are there any specific producers or collaborators you worked with on the EP that you’d like to highlight or give credit to? 

Shout to Retro for making the beats that like a lil brother to me .Shout out also to Caesar Beatz. Also shoutout to Flyy the producer because he helped me with recording big bank got a problem freestyle which was something last minute but he most definitely worked his magic to help the song sound how I wanted it 

17. How has your personal or artistic journey influenced the creation of this EP? 

When I was creating this EP I really wanna do my Big one . I was stressing so much about the songs to 

18. Can you talk about any future plans for physical releases or merchandise to accompany the EP release? 

Merch will most definitely be coming soon .I’m Finna start back doing YouTube blogs ,pranks and I will also be start my cooking show for YouTube  around August with my friends 

19. What kind of feedback have you received so far from fans or critics about the EP? 

Well my friends ,brothers ,sister and mom they loved it .I’m coming still in the studio working on my breathe control and better my skills .

20. Lastly, what advice would you give to aspiring musicians or rappers who are just starting out in the industry?

  • “You wanna know what scares people? Success. When you don’t make moves and you don’t climb up the ladder, everybody loves you because you’re not competition.” – Nicki Minaj.
  • Also stay consistent with your craft take time and don’t rush nothing at all .Don’t be comparing your success to no other artist success cause when it your time the sky is the limit and the night is still young .-BigBankBreajure.

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