Blueface Claims Jaidyn Alexis Can Use The N-Word Because Her Children Are Black - WhatsOnRap

Blueface Supports Baby's Mother's Use of N-Word Due to Mixed Heritage.

Blueface has recently addressed the controversy surrounding his baby's mother, Jaidyn Alexis, who reportedly comes from a mixed heritage and has been using the n-word. The discussion arose following the release of Alexis' latest track titled "Stewie," which appears to be a response to online jokes comparing her appearance to the iconic Stewie Griffin from the popular adult animated series, Family Guy. While the song itself may not have been a standout, certain lyrics within it caught the attention of listeners.

In the track, Alexis confidently expresses herself, stating, "I love the way you love me/ It’s only ugly bitches commenting I’m ugly (Is you blind hoe?)/ I’ll be Stewie for that money/ My first song bump, and your coochie hella bumpy/ You been one/ Took too many dicks, now you funky/ Why would I look for a new n-gga with my good eye,” she raps on the track.

These lyrics became a topic of discussion when the track and its accompanying video were posted on Blueface's YouTube channel, drawing immediate criticism online, primarily focused on Alexis' use of the n-word.

However, Blueface, the renowned artist behind the hit song "Thotiana," appears unfazed by the backlash. In fact, he has openly supported Alexis' use of the controversial term. According to a screenshotted post shared by The Neighborhood Talk, Blueface approves of her choice of words because "her kids are Black." While his relationship with Chrisean Rock, his soon-to-be baby mother, seems to have reached a more peaceful state, Blueface's rapport with his other child's mother appears to be thriving.

Despite the ongoing debate surrounding the use of certain language, Blueface remains steadfast in his stance. The public reaction to Alexis' lyrics serves as a reminder of the complexities and sensitivities associated with language and cultural background. 

As discussions continue, it is essential to approach these topics with understanding, empathy, and an ongoing dialogue aimed at fostering a more inclusive and respectful environment for all.

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