Blueface’s Mom Claims She Turned Down 50 Cent, Usher, & Shaq Back in The Past - WhatsOnRap

Unveiling Blueface's Mom's Rejected Celebrity Suitors and Fierce Defense of Her Son

Blueface’s mother, Karlissa Saffold, is not one to shy away from grabbing attention with her antics and bold statements. However, her latest claims have taken the online world by storm, as they involve some prominent personalities. 

Recently, she made waves by revealing a list of celebrities whom she allegedly rejected in terms of romantic advances. Naturally, many people reacted with a mixture of disbelief and humor, suggesting that the tables might have actually been turned when it came to shooting their shots with her or her son.

 Nevertheless, while her earlier life may be subject to speculation, it's important to remember that she is primarily known for her close relationship with her son, and it's unfair to hastily judge or make assumptions about her past.

In an Instagram video flaunting her figure during a walk, Blueface's mother confidently exclaimed, “Whew, y’all already know I wasn’t nothing to deal with 20 years ago,” Blueface’s mother said in an Instagram video. “S**t 25, put a week on it. Wasn’t nothing to play with, okay? Ask somebody. Who I turned down? 50, Shaq, Cube… Who else? Usher… It was a no! So momma didn’t play. Better ask somebody, I wasn’t nothing to deal with. It was a no.” While her love life remains a subject of speculation, she consistently stands up for her son in the face of criticism, despite their complicated history.

Most recently, she found herself defending Blueface against neo-soul legend Erykah Badu. In response to a picture of Blueface surrounded by women, Erykah Badu wrote on her Instagram Story, "He's trash, universe do your thing." Unsurprisingly, Karlissa Saffold didn't hesitate to fire back with a comment of her own.“Girl you was just calling Tyrone and paying his cousins and homeboys way don’t and ain’t nobody said something to you,” she retorted. However, it's worth noting that she has recently formed a closer bond with Chrisean Rock, the rapper's future baby mama.

Karlissa Saffold continues to captivate our attention with her larger-than-life persona and unwavering support for her son. While her claims and statements may raise eyebrows, one thing is for sure: she is an undeniable force in her own right, leaving us curious about her intriguing past and eagerly following her journey alongside Blueface.

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