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YNW Melly Faces Trial for Double Murder: Got Some Support as Jury Selection Concludes

The past few months have undoubtedly been tumultuous when it comes to rappers facing legal battles. From the long-awaited progress in the YSL RICO indictment, which, despite being caught in the arduous process of jury selection for months, has finally started to move forward, to the arrest and subsequent conviction of Tory Lanez for the shooting of Megan Thee Stallion in late 2022. And now, on this very day (June 12), yet another intriguing case is beginning to unfold in Broward County.

YNW Melly, the young rapper who finds himself on trial for a double murder, currently stands before the court, facing a potential death sentence if the prosecutors have their way. 
Amidst the tension and uncertainty, there is a glimmer of support for the 23-year-old artist. Not only do his family members stand firmly by his side, but another notable lyricist has also made an appearance.

Just a few hours ago, Boosie Badazz made a bold statement on Instagram, showcasing his unwavering support for YNW Melly. Clad in a flashy orange and black suit, adorned with an abundance of icy jewelry around his neck, wrist, and fingers, Boosie made his presence known. 

In the caption accompanying his post, the Louisiana native wrote, "@ynwmelly TRIAL!!! Opening Day," capturing the essence of the moment. Although he couldn't record inside the courtroom, diligent journalists provided humorous updates on Boosie's reactions, giving fans an amusing glimpse into his experience.

One of the messages from the journalists highlights Boosie's annoyance with a fellow spectator sleeping during the testimony. One can easily imagine the 40-year-old's reaction, perhaps even explaining his decision not to return after the lunch break. Such trivialities can certainly test one's patience in a high-stakes courtroom drama.

In addition to these exciting pieces. The jury, which looks to be made up of twelve people, all of whom are "death qualified," appears to be made up of six Black people and nine females. It is worth noting that the last time Broward County sentenced someone to death was in 2015, when a Black guy was convicted of first-degree murder. These elements provide depth to the plot, emphasizing the importance and probable consequence of YNW Melly's trial.

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