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DMX's Son Melts Hearts with Piano Tribute to Late Father

In a heartfelt tribute, DMX's six-year-old son, Exodus, takes a moment to honor his late father. Sharing a touching clip on social media, Exodus showcases his talent by covering DMX's iconic track, "Ruff Ryders' Anthem," from the 1998 album "It's Dark and Hell Is Hot." 

The proud mother, Desiree Lindstrom, accompanies the post with a heartfelt message, hinting at the inevitable tribute to come and emphasizing its significance as "A small tribute to his daddy!" The response from fans has been overwhelming, as they pour their love and support for Exodus in the comments.
One fan's emotional comment captures the anticipation for Exodus's future, exclaiming, "Girl, why does a tear fall? OMG Exodus, I can't wait to see what life has to offer you." Another admirer acknowledges the evident talent inherited from his father, noting, "That boy is gifted... like his father." Expressing heartfelt sentiments, a commenter assures Exodus, "I know your Dad would be so proud of you," accompanied by a heart emoji.

Exodus's pursuit of his father's legacy is not the only testament to DMX's lasting impact. Recently, Swizz Beatz, a close friend of the late artist, opened up about another individual who embodies DMX's spirit. Reflecting on a powerful dream, Swizz Beatz recalls encountering the talented rapper Scar Lip, feeling convinced that DMX had sent her to him. Detailing the experience, Swizz explains, "I saw him in my dream.

He came to me. And it happened so quickly, but he reassured me of his well-being." Despite his initial skepticism, Swizz acknowledges the profound connection, stating, "I honestly feel like DMX sent Scar Lip my way because she exudes his energy. I have never witnessed an artist who naturally possesses the qualities I associate with DMX." Swizz clarifies that while Scar Lip and DMX may be different artists on different levels, it is their shared resilience and genuine heart that he recognizes in her.

Through Exodus's tribute and the discovery of artists like Scar Lip, DMX's legacy lives on, inspiring new generations to carry his spirit forward.

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