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Repeated Violence at Performances Raises Alarms

Finesse2Tymes, the highly acclaimed Memphis rapper, recently graced the stage at an electrifying Atlanta nightclub after-party. However, the night took a tragic turn when an unfortunate shooting incident occurred, resulting in five individuals sustaining injuries. 

Promptly responding to the distress call, local authorities from DeKalb County were dispatched to the scene at the Cosmopolitan Premier Lounge around 3 a.m. ET on Sunday, June 18. Presently, an intensive investigation is underway as law enforcement diligently pursues the perpetrators responsible for this appalling act.

It is worth noting that Finesse2Tymes was scheduled to perform at the renowned club, as part of the much-anticipated Hot 107.9 Birthday Bash. In the midst of the ensuing chaos, video footage emerged, capturing the distressing moment when the gunfire erupted, disrupting the once vibrant atmosphere.

Following the incident, a security guard assigned to the plaza housing the nightclub shared their observations, shedding light on a disturbing trend of criminal activity associated with the establishment. The guard expressed, "

“[There is] a lot of crime at this club, several years of different names, different owners, same crime. Every time they open up, same thing, shootings. I was supposed to work there that night, but they didn’t need anybody.”These disconcerting accounts left frustrated fans expressing their apprehension towards attending any future events connected to Finesse2Tymes.

Social media platforms echoed the sentiment, as individuals voiced their concerns about the rapper's association with recurring episodes of violence. One person emphatically stated,“You couldn’t pay me to even walk pass a venue he at. 

Something dark always following him,” one person wrote while another said, “I don’t see how this mane show always end in a shootout. Crazy!”Clearly, this recent incident is not an isolated occurrence, as Finesse2Tymes' performances have repeatedly been marred by controversy.

Regrettably, this unsettling pattern extends beyond the boundaries of Atlanta. Just a few months ago, a shooting transpired during one of Finesse2Tymes' concerts in Tennessee

The event took a drastic turn when a dispute erupted among attendees, ultimately resulting in three individuals being wounded. Video footage circulated on various online platforms, capturing the moment when the artist, in the midst of his performance, abruptly halted his act to intervene in the fight that had broken out among the audience.

Tragedy struck again in March, during a concert hosted by Finesse2Tymes and GloRilla in Rochester, New York. The evening quickly turned into a nightmarish scene when a false rumor of gunfire began to circulate, inciting panic among concertgoers. 

This stampede-like situation led to the devastating loss of three lives and left numerous others with injuries. Consequently, the city of Rochester made the decision to not renew the Main Street Armory's entertainment license, effectively suspending its operations pending ongoing criminal and regulatory investigations.

In light of these distressing incidents, it becomes apparent that Finesse2Tymes' performances have been repeatedly marred by unforeseen calamities. 

The unfortunate chain of events raises important questions about the artist's association with such occurrences and underscores the need for enhanced security measures and thorough scrutiny of venues hosting his shows. It is imperative that both artists and event organizers prioritize the safety and well-being of their fans, ensuring that future performances are characterized by celebration rather than violence.

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