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Young Dolph Shooting Case: First Defendant Pleads Guilty to Accessory Charges

The guy accused of assisting two of Young Dolph's suspected shooters in evading capture following the death has pled guilty to his involvement in the murder.

According to The Associated Press, Jermarcus Johnson appeared in Memphis court on Friday (June 9) and pled guilty to three charges of accessory after the fact. Johnson's attorney, Josh Corman, brokered the agreement, which will save Johnson from going to trial. He might be called to testify in the November 2021 trial of the guys accused of murdering Young Dolph.

Johnson reportedly admitted to assisting the two suspected shooters in communicating by mobile phone and assisting one of the guys in contacting his probation officer following Young Dolph's death while the two were still on the run from police. Johnson's punishment will be handed down at a later date. He risks a sentence of six to twelve years in jail.

Following the plea, Corman referred to Johnson as an unwitting accomplice in the crime. "Sometimes it’s one of those lessons of, you have to be careful who you know and who you associate with," Corman said. "In this case, it was a half brother of his who showed up to his apartment one day and had a phone and a car."
Jermarcus Johnson was the most recent suspect apprehended in connection with Dolph's murder last November, after the suspected shooters, Justin Johnson and Cornelius Smith, the crime's alleged mastermind, Hernandez Govan, and Shundale Barnett, who has been charged with accessory after the fact. Jermarcus Johnson was first charged with first-degree murder conspiracy.

On November 17, 2021, Dolph was shot and murdered inside Memphis bakery Makeda's Homemade Cookies. Two masked gunmen stormed the bar and shot the rapper over 20 times. Last January, Justin Johnson and Cornelius Smith were arrested and accused with pulling the trigger. Shundale Barnett and Justin Johnson were captured together in the same automobile in Indiana.

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