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Moneybagg Yo Reflects on the Heartbreaking Loss of Chyna Santana

In a heartfelt interview on Angie Martinez's IRL podcast, rapper Moneybagg Yo opened up about the profound impact of the tragic loss of his child's mother, Chyna Santana. 

The devastating news of Santana's passing in 2022 was brought to light through a heart-wrenching social media post by one of her friends. Expressing his deep sorrow, Moneybagg Yo recounted the difficult moments when he first learned of her untimely departure, describing the whole situation as surreal and incredibly challenging to comprehend.

“She was murdered. She was killed by somebody that she was with,” he began. “It was shocking. I was in Atlanta, recording, working on the tape and they just called me.” He continued, “I ain’t gonna get as deep as I can, but that’s the picture."

"I instantly broke down, I couldn’t believe it.” Moneybagg Yo describes how his initial reaction was to be upset with Santana. “I was more mad at her than anything, I was like, ‘How you let this happen? How you let your kids’ — and it was so crazy ’cause when I talked to my daughter, she was just telling me at the airport, ‘I told my mama not to go,'” he recalls.

“This is when I broke down,” the rapper revealed. “I was like, ‘Damn, what I’m finna say?’ So I ended up letting the steam out, cry baby. I call my daughter and I was just like, ‘What you doing? Where y’all at?’ And she said, ‘It happened?’ That’s exactly what she said,” he shares.

Moneybagg Yo continued, explaining, “Her mom was supposed to have been with her that night, but she never came back. She was like, ‘It happened?’…I just didn’t know how to tell [her]. I was like, ‘My mama finna come get y’all.’ That’s all I could say.” He claims, “It’s hard to talk about right now, but I’m a strong man. I’m dealing with it. I’m getting through it.”

Despite the loss still measures deeply on his heart, Moneybagg Yo is preparing to release his new project Hard To Love: Heartless Edition on June 2, which he delayed from its original May 26 release date because he didn't want to compete with Taylor Swift.