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Quando Rondo Accused of Gang-Related Instructions

During the court proceedings, prosecutors have made claims about Quando Rondo's actions, stating that he called upon his associates to arm themselves after spotting his adversaries at a local movie theater. With such allegations, the state vehemently argues against granting the rapper's release on bond, especially considering his recent arrest on drug charges. 

This development was shared by DJ Akademiks, who posted a video clip on Instagram featuring the prosecution's statements, generating significant attention on a Sunday.

In light of the charges, Rondo finds himself facing multiple legal counts, including two charges of conspiracy to violate Georgia's controlled substances law, one count of involvement in criminal activity connected to a street gang, and one charge of illicit use of a mobile phone in facilitating a drug transaction. 

However, in defense of Rondo, his attorney, Jonah Pine, presented an argument that highlighted his client's affiliation with "one of the most prominent record labels in the nation,“one of the greatest record labels in this country” and that they’re willing to speak up for him. “He’s got the support of one of the greatest record labels in this country,” Pine said. “The same record label as Led Zepplin and Ray Charles, that’s his label. They’ve provided a letter to us, it’s very heartfelt and talks about his career.”
Conversely, the prosecution maintains that Rondo holds a significant position within the Rollin' 60s gang and poses a genuine threat to public safety. State attorney Christian Stolfe expressed his concerns, stating, “The Rollin’ 60s are currently one of the largest and most violent street gangs in Savannah. That man is a leader of it. That is a dangerous community,” sThese strong arguments from the prosecution paint a grave picture of Rondo's alleged involvement.

Rondo's initial arrest took place on June 16 in Macon, GA, where authorities assert that he collaborated with up to 18 other individuals in illicit drug deals spanning from October 2022 to June 2023. As the legal proceedings unfold, the public eagerly awaits the forthcoming decision regarding Rondo's potential bond.

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