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Vivica A. Fox Claps Back at Nick Cannon Over 50 Cent Reunion Comments

In a recent exchange of words, Vivica A. Fox has firmly countered Nick Cannon's remarks regarding her openness to reigniting her romance with the iconic rapper, 50 Cent. The renowned actress, known for her role in the film "Set It Off," and Fiddy shared a passionate love affair that lasted for several months back in the early 2000s. 

However, Vivica's candid admission of her willingness to reconnect with 50 Cent during a recent episode of Sherri became a topic of discussion on Nick Cannon's Daily Cannon podcast, inadvertently stirring up their long-standing feud.

Nick Cannon, never one to shy away from controversy, humorously quipped about Vivica's aspirations of rekindling her flame with the G-Unit mogul. He playfully compared the past version of 50 Cent to the present, stating, “You can fantasize about Fif from 15 years ago.
That’s a different Fif than this fat n***  that’s walking around now,”Cannon continued to throw humorous jabs at Fiddy, specifically targeting his weight by jokingly remarking, “He is fat! He look like he got a pack of hot dogs in the back of his neck. You lookin’ at them pictures from Get Rich or Die Tryin’, now it’s Get Thick or Die Fryin’!”

Upon learning of Nick Cannon's roasting session, Vivica A. Fox swiftly took to Instagram to deliver her own scathing response. In a retaliatory move, she fired back at the Wild 'n Out star, ridiculing him as a "community d**k." Unleashing her unfiltered thoughts in the Hollywood Unlocked comments section, Vivica sarcastically wrote, "Yo, let me correct myself! Yo Nick, I'd choose #50Cent any day over your community d**k ass! Now, why don't you go somewhere and pay your child support! #CloutChaser"

True to his nature, 50 Cent also seemed to respond to Nick Cannon's banter through an Instagram post of his own on Monday, June 12. With an air of confidence, he wrote, "If your marketing campaign is to say something about 50, you're not going to make it. Have a nice day," accompanied by an image that carried the powerful message: "It's never luck. It's always God."

This fiery exchange between Vivica A. Fox, Nick Cannon, and 50 Cent has once again thrust their names into the spotlight, capturing the attention and curiosity of fans and media outlets alike. As the drama unfolds, it remains to be seen whether these tensions will fizzle out or ignite further. One thing is for certain, though – the entertainment industry is seldom short of captivating narratives that keep us hooked and craving for more.

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