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YNW Melly Interrogation Room Footage Leaked: Wack 100 Raises Safety Concerns

Recently, compelling footage of YNW Melly inside an interrogation room has surfaced, triggering widespread speculation about his potential cooperation with authorities in connection to a 2015 shooting case. This clip of Melly has caused quite a stir, coinciding with his ongoing trial for double murder. However, an unexpected voice emerged in his defense: none other than Wack 100. The music executive raised concerns about the prosecutors and the District Attorney, accusing them of recklessly endangering Melly's life through the leaked video.

In a bold statement on Instagram, Wack 100 fearlessly expressed what others shy away from saying. He questioned why the District Attorney and Police Chief haven't faced attempted murder charges for making interrogation footage accessible solely to law enforcement outside the confines of the DA office or the court building.

" I say the things others scared to say . My question is why isn’t the District Attorney or Police chief brought on attempt murder charges when they release interrogation footage that’s only accessible by law enforcement outside of the DA office or the court building ? This man told ok that’s street politics . But the very politic when acted upon is used to enforce the law, So now law enforcement releases footage to the public that can only lead to violence happening to this man. Keep in mind he’s still incarcerated . Motive because the active case is going down the drain . Action expose the man so he’s harmed in prison or upon release. Where is this within in perimeters of the law ? Documents are public record - Cool that’s within the law . Interrogation footage isn’t public record."

Accompanying his post was a screenshot of the alleged footage featuring YNW Melly in the interrogation room. Wack 100 further emphasized the discrepancy between street politics and how it is utilized to enforce the law.

Wack 100 delved into the potential repercussions of the released footage, warning that YNW Melly could become a prime target within the prison system. However, he also alluded to the possibility of a larger scheme aimed at undermining the reputation and career of the "223s" rapper. 

Wack 100 insinuated that the motives behind this act are rooted in the crumbling state of the active case, suggesting that exposing Melly through the footage could lead to harm either during his imprisonment or upon his eventual release. He questioned the conformity of such actions within the confines of the law.

The surfaced footage is linked to a 2015 incident where YNW Melly faced charges for firing a gun at individuals near a local high school. Within the video, the rapper presents his defense, claiming that his actions were driven by self-defense as another student had brandished a firearm against him. Nevertheless, he inadvertently divulged the last name of the involved individual, as well as specific details regarding the weapon aimed at him.

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