Cops In The Courtroom Thought That YNW Melly Was Trying To Leave/Escape the room - WhatsOnRap

They said YNW Melly tried to escape today

Around four years ago, YNW Melly faced arrest due to his alleged involvement in the killings of fellow artists Christopher Thomas Jr. (19) and Anthony Williams (21). 

The much-awaited trial commenced this week in Miami, Florida, capturing the attention of social media and the hip-hop community. 

Over a span of three days, the 24-year-old has caught the public eye on multiple occasions with his prayer rituals, sending kisses in the courtroom, and an odd moment where his lawyer was seen holding a book titled "Evil Plans And Stuff." Recently, a video clip showing YNW Melly attempting to leave the court through a door adjacent to the judge's bench emerged, with law enforcement stopping him just in time. 

This incident has led to humorous reactions from fans, who speculated that he was attempting to escape.

Watch The Video Below

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