Young Thug Wants to Collaborate With Kanye West. Ye is Not Answering The Phone "It’s Business" - WhatsOnRap

Young Thug Attempts to Reach Kanye West for Business Collaboration

The highly anticipated release of his latest masterpiece, the groundbreaking album titled "Business Is Business," the incomparable Young Thug took to the realms of social media on a vibrant Saturday to embark on a mission to establish contact with none other than the enigmatic Kanye West.

In a bold move that resonated with his characteristic flair, Thug conveyed his urgency through the digital medium of Instagram Stories, leaving a succinct yet powerful message for the elusive Ye. "Kanye," he penned, the words dripping with determination, "Kanye," Thug wrote on his Instagram Stories. "Answer the fucking phone. It's business."

Not content with confining his plea to one platform, the prodigious YSL rapper made his presence felt on Twitter as well. Crafting a tweet that carried a tinge of playful humor, he cheekily suggested that even though Kanye had been absent from the Twitterverse for a considerable time, his message would somehow transcend the barriers of cyberspace and reach the intended recipient.

"Kanye doesn't have a Twitter but somehow he'll see this tweet," Thug wittily articulated, much to the delight of his fervent supporters. The anticipation surrounding this digital exchange fueled rampant speculation among fans, who eagerly pondered the possibility of another fruitful collaboration between these visionary artists. After all, their creative synergy has been unveiled multiple times in the past, most notably on the captivating tracks "Remote Control" and "Remote Control pt 2," which seamlessly found their place within Ye's critically acclaimed 2021 opus, "Donda."

Thug's engaging social media foray arrives as a grand spectacle, merely days after his triumphant return with a full-length musical offering that defies convention. This remarkable body of work marks his long-awaited reemergence into the spotlight after facing the tumultuous challenges of a legal battle marred by gang-related criminal charges.

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