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Exclusive Update: 2Pac's Producer Reveals News on New Posthumous Album

Recently, DJ Daryl, the talented producer and co-writer behind 2Pac's 1993 smash hit single "Keep Ya Head Up," took to his Instagram Stories to ignite anticipation for an upcoming project featuring unreleased material from the rap icon. Hailing from Oakland, California, DJ Daryl also made an exciting announcement regarding his new record deal, adding to the buzz surrounding this highly anticipated endeavor.

“I’ve had unreleased Tupac vocals in my vault for a long time,” he wrote. “Who’s ready to hear a new Tupac album or EP produced by me?”

This revelation comes on the heels of earlier news this year, where it was unveiled that 2Pac's estate had plans to release four previously unreleased tracks from the late rapper as part of an upcoming Greatest Hits album. An official statement, relayed through 2Pac's "only official fan page" on Instagram, disclosed that the album would comprise a compilation of previously released recordings spanning from the '2Pacalypse Now' era to the 'Thug Life' period, supplemented by four never-before-heard pre-Death Row tracks.

Moreover, in a podcast interview towards the end of last year, 2Pac's close associate E-Love, known for his contributions to iconic tracks like "Changes," "Ghetto Gospel," "Papa'z Song," and "Point The Finga," the latter two being featured on 'Pac's second studio album 'Strictly 4 My N.I.G.G.A.Z.,' affirmed the existence of unreleased songs produced by Battlecat that have been languishing in a vault. These tracks are expected to finally see the light of day sometime in 2023, heightening the anticipation for new music from the rap legend.

During the interview on the I Only Touch Greatness podcast, E-Love acknowledged, "Bob did more songs with him than I did. I contributed two to three songs. As a matter of fact, two of my songs are slated for release next year. Bob worked on a series of tracks that have yet to be unveiled."

With these revelations, the prospect of immersing ourselves in a treasure trove of previously unheard 2Pac material becomes all the more tantalizing. As fans eagerly await the arrival of these long-awaited projects, it's clear that the enduring legacy of the rap icon continues to captivate and inspire, ensuring that his music lives on for generations to come.

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