A$AP Rocky Disses Travis Scott During Unreleased Song Performance at 2023 Rolling Loud Miami - WhatsOnRap

ASAP Rocky's Unreleased Track Raises Controversy with Subtle Travis Scott Diss

ASAP Rocky's devoted fans were left buzzing with excitement and speculation after witnessing what seemed like a fiery diss directed at none other than Travis Scott during his electrifying headlining set at Rolling Loud in Miami on a balmy Sunday night. 

The air was charged with anticipation as Rocky took the stage to preview tracks from his highly-anticipated upcoming album, aptly titled "Don't De Dumb."

In an impressive display of lyrical prowess, Rocky fearlessly called out an unnamed artist, accusing them of shamelessly appropriating his distinctive flow and signature style. With unapologetic bravado, he delivered the scathing lines, "First you stole my flow, so I stole your b-tch/Then you stole my style, I need at least like 10 percent/ All due disrespect, I hope you take offense," sending shockwaves through the crowd.

However, the responses were as varied as the beats in Rocky's eclectic discography. Some enthusiasts couldn't contain their excitement and eagerly rallied behind the rapper, celebrating his unapologetic call-out and expressing unwavering support for their musical icon. On the other hand, a handful of critics questioned the quality of Rocky's recent music and openly pondered the size and dedication of his fanbase. "I had no idea ASAP had a fan base that big," remarked one skeptic, while another wrote, "The way his music plummeted over the years is wild."

Just a day before Rocky's momentous performance, the stage had belonged to none other than Travis Scott himself, as he took the audience on an enthralling journey through his musical universe. While commanding the spotlight, Scott couldn't resist revealing tantalizing tidbits about his highly-anticipated forthcoming album, "Utopia," sending fans into a frenzy of anticipation.

The electrifying atmosphere at Rolling Loud not only showcased the raw talent and competitive spirit of two hip-hop heavyweights but also ignited the age-old debate about artistic authenticity and influence within the music industry. As fans dissected every line and melody, the world watched in anticipation to see if Travis Scott would respond in kind, sparking a potential rap feud for the ages.

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