DaBaby’s Heartfelt Birthday Message For 50 Cent, Calls Him His “Last Role Model” - WhatsOnRap

DaBaby Expresses Gratitude to 50 Cent on His Birthday, Considers Him a Mentor

July 6th marked an occasion in the music industry as the legendary figure, 50 Cent, celebrated his 48th birthday. The overwhelming outpouring of love and admiration from devoted fans and esteemed celebrities flooded social media, creating a tidal wave of heartfelt tributes. Amidst this wave, one tribute shone brilliantly, emanating from none other than the incredibly talented DaBaby, who considers 50 Cent not only a mentor but the epitome of a true role model.

In a sincere and heartfelt message, DaBaby seized the opportunity to shower his idol with a colossal shoutout on this special day.“HAPPY G DAY TO THE [GOAT]. Still gonna hit your phone, but I wanted to show my love and appreciation publicly,” the “SHAKE SUMN” rapper began. “Bruh, I tell you all the time, words can’t express how much I appreciate the relationship I got with you. Since the day I met you, you done gave me a lifetime worth of game and motivation. Put your arm around a n**ga at one of my lowest points, treated anything of mines like it was yours, treated anybody attached to me like family. Showed me how to navigate through the bulls**t the RIGHT way!” It was evident from the start that this tribute was more than just a gesture; it was a genuine outpouring of respect and appreciation.

Addressing 50 Cent directly, DaBaby delved into the profound impact their bond had on his life and career. DaBaby's tribute continued to overflow with genuine admiration for his mentor. “REAL N**GA.. with PLENTY sense. Don’t take yourself lightly, bruh, you’re a walking BLESSING, and I know anybody with the pleasure of knowing you can vouch! If they don’t, f**k ’em and everybody that love ’em! [I] tell you once a month [that] you’re the last role model I got left! Keep dominating the [world]. I’m studying on a daily. Love for life bruh, see you soon!”

By expanding upon the original tribute, we have magnified the profound bond between 50 Cent and DaBaby, underscoring the invaluable mentorship that has not only shaped DaBaby's career but also contributed to his personal growth. It is a testament to the enduring impact that one remarkable individual can have on another, and a celebration of the unbreakable bond between two musical powerhouses.

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