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Eminem & Dr. Dre Announce Signing of Las Vegas Artist Ez Mil to Shady/Aftermath Records

Eminem delighted earlier today his legion of fans by taking to Instagram to share some exciting news. The snapshot he posted featured a charismatic trio consisting of the rap icon himself, the legendary Dr. Dre, and the talented rising star, rapper Ez Mil. 

The revelation in the post was nothing short of momentous Ez Mil had officially become a part of the prestigious Shady Records family. The elation was evident in Em's demeanor, and to further elucidate the significance of this signing, he also took to Twitter to offer additional insights. "This is why we signed him," he expressed enthusiastically, providing a link to the music video for Ez Mil's infectious track, "Up Down (Step & Walk)."

At the youthful age of 24, Ez Mil has already made his mark on the hip-hop scene, making his way to Shady Records all the way from the vibrant streets of Las Vegas. Becoming the latest signee of the illustrious label imprint, housed under the Aftermath and Interscope banners, is a testament to his undeniable talent and potential.

Notably, last year marked a significant milestone in Ez Mil's career as he dropped his highly anticipated album, DU4LI7Y, which was met with widespread acclaim. And now, he's ready to elevate the excitement even further, with the scheduled release of a REDUX version of the album on August 11th, featuring brand new tracks that are sure to captivate his ever-growing fan base. 

As if that wasn't thrilling enough, one particular song from the REDUX edition is set to showcase a collaboration with none other than Eminem himself. The track, aptly titled "Realest," promises to be an epic amalgamation of two extraordinary talents, leaving fans eager with anticipation.

Ez Mil's rise to prominence in the music world was not without its moments of serendipity. His journey to the spotlight began when his music garnered comparisons to the lyrical prowess of none other than Eminem

Listeners couldn't help but notice the striking stylistic resemblances between the two artists, ultimately capturing the attention of the rap legend himself. Eminem's keen ear recognized the exceptional potential in Ez Mil's work, paving the way for this incredible collaboration.

While Eminem continues to receive unwavering praise from rap enthusiasts, he also remains a gracious artist, always willing to acknowledge and uplift others. 

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