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Floyd Mayweather Denies Witnessing 2Pac's Murder in Viral Clip Revelation

Earlier this week, a compelling video surfaced online, drawing immense attention as it appeared to feature none other than Floyd Mayweather, the renowned boxer, discussing the tragic murder of the iconic Tupac Shakur. Filmed back in 2014, Mayweather engaged in a candid conversation with the esteemed filmmaker John Singleton, sharing intriguing details that have left fans and enthusiasts captivated.

Recalling the fateful incident, Mayweather expressed that he was once in close proximity to Tupac when the rap legend was fatally shot. “I pulled up beside 2Pac, pulled up right here. They shot 2Pac at this light and the car went that way,” Mayweather claims in the clip. “I was living right here in 1996 when 2Pac got killed. I ain’t never told nobody. Only the closest people with me know.”  

Revealed Mayweather in the intriguing clip. Surprisingly, he disclosed that for years, only a select few among his inner circle knew of this experience. Back in 1996, when Tupac met his untimely demise, Mayweather was just 19 years old, and little did he know that he would soon become a significant figure in the world of professional boxing, making his debut a mere month after the tragedy.

The resurfacing of this remarkable video coincides with a wave of renewed interest in the circumstances surrounding Tupac's murder. While some, like Allen Hughes, claim that the case was "never a mystery," recent events have seen the police conducting raids, including one on the ex-wife of Orlando Anderson's uncle. Anderson, a reputed gang member, was famously involved in a confrontation with Shakur at a Mike Tyson fight, and he remains a central figure in the speculation surrounding the rapper's death.

 Duane "Keef D" Davis, who claims to have been present in the car with Anderson at the time of the shooting, further adds to the enigma. Tragically, Anderson himself fell victim to an unrelated shooting in 1998, only serving to deepen the intrigue surrounding the case.

However, in a rather unexpected turn of events, Mayweather has taken to Instagram to address his 2014 comments and offer clarification. The boxing legend vehemently denies ever claiming to be an eyewitness to Tupac's shooting. 

Setting the record straight, Mayweather emphasized,  “In 1996 when Tupac Shakur was killed, I lived in the Meridian Apartments located on Flamingo and Koval Ln., which just so happens to be the area where Tupac was shot. I have never said I witnessed the shooting. 

All of these false accusations stem from me sharing the location of the shooting with John Singleton due to my familiarity of the area since I lived there. This does not mean I witnessed Tupac’s shooting. John Singleton was making a documentary or movie about Tupac, so he reached out to me asking where Flamingo and Koval Ln was located.

John’s was my friend, so I showed him this location with no hesitation. The location of Tupac’s shooting is public knowledge and me living near there was just a coincidence. I did not witness Tupac Shakur’s death.”

Mayweather goes on to provide context to his past statements, explaining that the confusion arose from his willingness to share the location of the incident with his dear friend John Singleton, who was working on a documentary or movie about Tupac at the time. 

Displaying loyalty and camaraderie, Mayweather guided Singleton to the area without a moment's hesitation. The location of Tupac's shooting had become public knowledge, and Mayweather's residency in the vicinity was nothing more than a mere coincidence.

"I want to dispel any misconceptions or false accusations," Mayweather asserted. He emphasized his genuine friendship with John Singleton, highlighting the willingness to assist his friend in his creative endeavors, and underlined that his actions should not be misconstrued as having witnessed Tupac Shakur's tragic death.

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