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Kim Kardashian Claims She's Feeling “Guilty” About Brands Dropping Kanye West - WhatsOnRap

Kim Kardashian Opens Up About Feeling Guilty and Confused Over Kanye West's Actions.

Kim Kardashian has openly acknowledged the twinge of "guilt" she experiences when reflecting on Kanye West's actions and the subsequent fallout from his past year of making antisemitic remarks, leading to brands distancing themselves from him. In a candid moment during Season 3, Episode 6 of The Kardashians, Kim K delved into the topic of her ex-husband due to a recent post she shared. 

Expressing her inner conflict, she stated, “I feel guilty that I, like, posted something in support of the Jewish community, then people dropped him today?”Her immense influence on social media only adds to her dilemma.

Rather than directly naming Kanye and publicly admonishing him for his anti-Jewish tirades over the past few months, Kim Kardashian has chosen a different approach. She has extended her support to the Jewish community, an act that has inadvertently resulted in more brands severing ties with the rapper. This predicament leads Kim to question her own actions, seeking solace from her sister during their conversation on the show. 

She ponders, “And I’m like, ‘Is that my fault that, like, I posted that? And did that, like, push them, and I should have just kept quiet?'” Kim asked her sister on the show. “But I’m vocal about everything else, and it’s like, I never know what to do.” Kim finds herself torn between her role as an influential figure in pop culture and her connection to someone widely regarded as toxic within the same sphere.
Kim Kardashian is undeniably trapped in a difficult position, navigating the complexities of being an influencer with a significant impact on society while also having been associated with the most controversial figure in pop culture. 

She yearns to lend her voice to important matters, yet fears the repercussions her ex-husband's actions might bring. The episode portrays her as visibly distraught, overwhelmed by the entire ordeal. Kanye's behavior has cornered Kim, compelling her to make choices that inevitably hurt someone. If she remains silent, it may seem as though she condones his behavior.

Kim Kardashian's journey through this trying chapter of her life serves as a testament to her resilience and her attempts to navigate a situation that is not of her making. Despite the guilt and emotional turmoil she experiences, it is evident that she is doing her best to handle the circumstances with grace and sensitivity.

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