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Kodak Black Slams Boosie Badazz as a 'Clown' in Fiery Feud

The recent collaboration between Kodak Black and 6ix9ine, titled "Shaka Laka," has caused quite a stir, leading to a series of consequential events that have left the music world buzzing with discussions and debates. Released just last week, the track immediately caught the attention of fans and critics alike, triggering a myriad of reactions.

On 6ix9ine's end, he couldn't resist taking another shot at what he perceives as industry blackballing. In a move to prove a point, he shared an Instagram post with his fans, proudly showcasing that the music video for "Shaka Laka" garnered as many views as Travis Scott's latest hit. 

Notably, Travis Scott's song, "K-Pop," was a monumental collaboration with two of the biggest names in the music industry - The Weeknd and Bad Bunny. The surprising disparity in views left many fans puzzled, especially considering the massive number of streams Scott's track was generating on Spotify.

As for Kodak Black, the controversy surrounding his collaboration with 6ix9ine stemmed primarily from fellow rappers who seized the opportunity to criticize him for associating with someone who has been labeled a snitch. Among the vocal critics was Boosie Badazz, who is known for fearlessly commenting on various rap-related matters. 

Boosie didn't hold back, taking to his Instagram to express his disapproval of Kodak's decision, stating that he believed Kodak lacked street credibility and principles.  “D**n. Thought that little ni**a wasn’t like that, bro. Ni**a ain’t no street ni**a, at all. D**n. F**ked me up” he said. He went on to say that Kodak has “no morals” and “no principles.”

Responding to Boosie's criticism, Kodak Black initially posted a simple message for the rapper on his Instagram story. However, it seems that he couldn't resist sharing his thoughts again, this time by reposting a video that criticized Boosie's behavior. In a clear show of solidarity with the video's sentiments, Kodak captioned the post with a clown emoji, subtly implying that he considers Boosie's actions to be somewhat comical.

This back-and-forth between Kodak Black and Boosie Badazz ignited a firestorm of reactions from fans, with many expressing their agreement with Kodak's stance. 

Some fans pointed out that Boosie should refrain from criticizing rappers who are more than two decades younger than him, implying that there might be a generation gap in understanding and perspectives. Others couldn't help but see the irony in the situation, given Kodak's own past controversies, which made some question his credibility in calling someone else a clown.

The collaboration between Kodak Black and 6ix9ine has sparked significant consequences, leading to intense discussions and debates within the music community. As fans and critics continue to share their opinions, the conversation surrounding "Shaka Laka" and its aftermath remains a hot topic, further adding to the intriguing dynamics of the ever-evolving music industry.

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