Latto Threatens a Fan After Getting Object Thrown at Her During Performance - WhatsOnRap

Latto's strong response to fan throwing object during live performance.

Latto recently was caught in a precarious situation during one of her exhilarating live performances. While passionately delivering a captivating rendition of her hit song "Put It On Da Floor," a fan audaciously hurled an object onto the stage, provoking an immediate and resolute reaction from the determined rapper.

Without missing a beat, Latto fearlessly confronted the offender, issuing a bold challenge mid-song,“You want your a** beat? Throw it again,” The moment was captured in a clip that resurfaced on The Neighborhood Talk, where her unwavering spirit was clearly evident as she exclaimed, “Throw it again, I’mma beat yo a**.” 

Fortunately, not all of the "Big Energy" hitmaker's concert experiences have been marred by such incidents. Just recently, on July 7, she electrified the stage at the highly anticipated Wireless Festival 2023. And even earlier, a week prior to that, she created an unforgettable and lighthearted memory with a devoted fan at the Open'er Festival by graciously signing their derrière.

This stern reprimand from the Atlanta-born artist shines a light on a growing problem faced by performers audience members irresponsibly throwing objects during shows. This regrettable behavior has affected renowned acts like Drake and Lil Nas X in recent months, and musicians and their fans alike have expressed their collective disapproval of such disrespectful actions.

This year has seen Latto's name increasingly associated with chart-topping success. Her records have experienced a gradual but steady ascent, reaching new heights with the release of "Put It On Da Floor Again," a remarkable collaboration featuring the incomparable Cardi B. The remix catapulted the track to an impressive No. 13 on the Hot 100 chart, solidifying her presence and leaving an indelible mark on the music landscape.

Looking ahead, the future appears radiant for this promising artist. In an exciting announcement, BTS member Jung Kook revealed that Latto would be prominently featured on his highly anticipated forthcoming single titled "Seven." 

Music enthusiasts and fans alike eagerly await the debut of this anticipated collaboration, set to grace the airwaves on Friday, July 14, promising to be an extraordinary musical endeavor that will captivate audiences worldwide. With each step of her journey, Latto continues to shine brightly and carve her path toward greatness in the music industry.

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