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From Rapper to Astronaut: Lil Pump Announces Surprising Career Change

Lil Pump, the renowned rapper, has recently surprised the world with an unexpected announcement about his future plans. In a video shared on social media, Lil Pump expressed his desire to retire from making music and his new aspiration is nothing short of extraordinary he dreams of becoming an astronaut!

In a post that started with a compelling "PSA, PSA," Lil Pump confidently stated,“I will not be making music anymore. I retire. I’m finna go be an astronaut. Bye.” While this revelation stirred quite a buzz among his fans, it also sparked some humorous responses from the Twitterverse. 

Some couldn't resist teasing the rapper about the rigorous academic requirements of space travel, jokingly mentioning the abundance of math, physics, chemistry, and biology involved. Nonetheless, Lil Pump remains undeterred in his pursuit of this cosmic dream.

However, for Lil Pump, facing trolling on social media is nothing new. Over the years, he has endured his fair share of hate online, but he possesses an admirable resilience in the face of negativity. In an interview with Complex in April, he candidly shared, “More people love me than hate me,” Pump told Complex in April. “And I’ma say this right now: everybody who talks shit in my comments – every single body – I have never to this day seen one person walk up to me and say that shit to my face. Everything is on the internet. Nobody has ever walked up to my face and said nothing crzy. So this shit’s not even real. It’s fake to me.”

He continued: “I see thousands of comments, everybody talking shit. But you see me in person, the first thing everybody does, ‘Oh Pump, let me get a picture!’ Like, it’s all love. They don’t ever say crzy shit to my face. But it is what it is. I’m just making music to have fun. And if I piss you off, I piss you off. Oh well.” 

He went on to emphasize that despite the digital animosity, his real-life interactions have been predominantly positive. When meeting fans in person, the first thing they do is ask for a picture, radiating affection and admiration for the rapper. Lil Pump acknowledged that there will always be those who criticize his music and his choices, but he remains steadfast in his commitment to creating music that brings joy to himself and his audience. If his work happens to provoke some strong reactions along the way, he takes it in stride, unbothered by the naysayers.

As we reflect on his musical journey, it's essential to note that Lil Pump's latest album, "Lil Pump 2," was released in March, representing a powerful culmination of his artistic expression up to that point. However, with his newfound aspiration to reach for the stars and explore the cosmos, the rap world eagerly awaits what new surprises and adventures Lil Pump's future holds.

Lil Pump's decision to retire from music and set his sights on becoming an astronaut has captivated the attention of fans and followers alike. While some may be skeptical about his potential for space exploration, there is no denying his unwavering determination and ability to rise above online hate. 

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