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Meek Mill's Bold Prediction: The Weeknd Will Outshine Michael Jackson
The Weeknd has recently achieved an extraordinary feat, surpassing the legendary Michael Jackson as the highest-grossing Black musician on tour. His phenomenal "After Hours Til Dawn" Tour has raked in an astounding $350 million in ticket sales alone, securing the number one spot. It's worth noting that The Weeknd took a moment to pay homage to the late King of Pop as he surpassed this monumental milestone.

However, amidst this remarkable accomplishment, there was another rapper eagerly waiting to stake his claim, believing that the Toronto R&B artist was destined to dethrone the 1980s musical icon.
Taking to Twitter, Meek Mill expressed his long-held belief that The Weeknd would eventually overshadow Michael Jackson in terms of popularity and influence. Congratulating Abel Tesfaye, aka The Weeknd, for his exceptional achievement, Meek Mill displayed a sense of foresight, acknowledging that this triumph was inevitable. 

In his tweet, Meek Mill reminisced about their past discussions, where he shared his controversial hot takes, such as his observation that Tesfaye's performances resembled those of Michael Jackson. “I always thought [The Weeknd] was [going to be] bigger than [Michael] Jackson.” 

While The Weeknd has consistently shown admiration and gratitude towards Michael, it's unlikely that he shares the same sentiment as Meek Mill.

Undeniably, Meek Mill's claim would have been even more audacious had he made it before The Weeknd shattered the previous tour record. Nevertheless, it's always heartening to witness contemporary hip-hop artists supporting and celebrating one another's success. 

Meek Mill's recognition of The Weeknd's accomplishment is truly a delightful sight to behold. Interestingly, the two artists have collaborated in the past, with one notable instance being the song "Pullin Up" from Meek Mill's 2015 album, Dreams Worth More Than Money.

Lately, Meek Mill has been quite vocal with his opinions, sharing his thoughts on various topics. On a separate occasion, he discussed The Weeknd when an AI-generated song titled "Heart on My Sleeve" gained widespread attention. This unique composition utilized the voice likenesses of The Weeknd and Drake, resulting in an entirely original track. 

Meek Mill expressed his admiration for the song, even listening to it on repeat, and took the opportunity to call for more collaborations between Drake and The Weeknd. While he faced some criticism for endorsing the AI-generated track, it's important to acknowledge that he raised a valid point—the world of hip-hop would greatly benefit from fresh collaborations between these two influential artists.

The Weeknd's triumph over Michael Jackson's tour record, Meek Mill's support and appreciation for his success, and the potential for future collaborations with Drake have undoubtedly sparked excitement and anticipation within the hip-hop community. The dynamic nature of the industry constantly paves the way for new milestones and artistic partnerships, and we eagerly await the musical endeavors that lie ahead.

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